By Mike Nicks

Today's wet weather will test the claims of Donington Park chairman Simon Gillett that "surface friction and grip" - is there a difference between the two? - have been improved on the 2.5-mile circuit.

The work took place before the recent British Superbike Championship meeting - but 76 riders crashed in one day at that event when the track was wet.

Try decoding this wonderful piece of gibberish, from contractors Ringway, who carried out the work: "TrackJet retexturing of the Melbourne hairpin showed a significant improvement in surface friction, indicating the potential performance of the surface material, and in subsequent surveys we have seen that the 'slipperiness' experienced in some areas of the track can be identified as low friction areas in the braking zones on the racing lines around the circuit.

"This would lead us to believe that it is the racing activity on the track and higher stresses on the surface involved in braking in these areas that has led to the localised decline in grip."

I think I've got it: look, guys, let's be fair to Donington and Dorna, and don't indulge in racing activity. Especially, REFRAIN FROM BRAKING ON THE RACING LINES!!!

Even Donington fan Valentino Rossi, who has won here seven times, said yesterday: "The main problem here is the doesn't have any grip any more and riding on it is very some parts of the track the asphalt is finished."

I revealed on recently that Silverstone are talking to Dorna about hosting the British Grand Prix after 2009, when the contract with Donington expires.

It's not just the track that's knackered here. This morning, for the third consecutive day, they're struggling to get the wifi working in the media centre so that photographers and journalists can get MotoGP news and pix out to the world (thanks to the friendly people at Kawasaki and Alpinestars for letting me borrow their technology).

And they can't get to grips with the age of the motor car round here at all. Last night, leaving the circuit and wanting to turn left towards the M1, a sign commanded me: EXIT ALL ROUTES. It pointed right towards the M42. So an unknowing visitor would have got involved in a pointless detour in totally the opposite direction - pointless because the road to the M1 was actually open all along.

Look, I know that Silverstone doesn't have the wonderful Craner Curves, but it's an awfully tempting option...



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