Olivier Jacque is by far the most experienced grand prix rider taking part in this week's Indianapolis MotoGP test, but even OJ admits riding so close to a wall takes some getting used to.

Tuesday marked the first time MotoGP machines had lapped on the new road course, which includes part of the famous Indy 500 oval and will host the inaugural Red Bull Indianapolis GP on September 12-14.

Former 250cc world champion Jacque, a grand prix rider from 1995-2003 and a test/wild-card rider for Kawasaki since 2005, set the joint third fastest lap time on day one of the test - exactly matching the best time of Michelin/Honda's Erwan Nigon but one-second off Bridgestone/Ducati test rider Niccolo Canepa.

"The track was not difficult to get used to. It took maybe 10 laps. The track is quite short, and the biggest problem was getting used to riding against the wall," said Jacque of the 2.62-mile layout. "It's quite funny to ride against the wall because that would never happen in our circuit. Now, I'm only one metre from the wall, so you really appreciate the speed."

Indeed, OJ recorded the highest top speed of the day, his ZX-RR reaching 186.002 mph (299.341 km/h) along the main straight.

However, that top speed is lower than some had predicted, given the huge length of the home straight.

"The straight was very long, but the last corner is very slow. If we got out of the turn better, we could probably go 320 (km/h) or so," explained Costes, a test rider for Michelin/Yamaha.

"The track is very beautiful and different than anything we know. The banking is unbelievable; I did not know of that before. We are happy to be here," added the Frenchman, who was sixth fastest out of the seven riders present.

The second and final day of MotoGP testing at Indianapolis takes place on Wednesday.