Despite being included on the official entry list for the 2009 125GP season, Matthew Hoyle may not quite be as confirmed at Maxtra Racing as it suggests.

The British 125GP Champion is one of four British riders destined to appear on the World Championship grid in 2009, but while Maxtra insist they are close to revealing their second rider, they add that he hasn't quite been signed.

The Chinese Maxtra brand will make history when they line-up in 2009, but having already confirmed Michael Ranseder to their team, Garry Taylor claimed on Wednesday that they are still not in a position to announce who will join him.

"[Michael Ransender] formed an immediate rapport with his new race engineer, the very experienced Trevor Morris. I was pleased to see how this all-important relationship got off to a good start.

"He and the other new rider (no announcement yet, but it's all coming together nicely) will have the backing of some of the most experienced racing people in the paddock. To me, it says a lot that team staff of this calibre have been willing to commit to this project."

If Hoyle is confirmed, he will join Bradley Smith, Danny Webb and Scott Redding in flying the British flag next season.