Ducati Corse CEO has confirmed the likely response MotoGP will make to the global financial crisis, in the form of cost cutting proposals that will require engines to last for two or even three grands prix weekends from 2010 - with a reduction in track time likely to be introduced for this season.

Speaking at the factory's Wrooom press ski meeting at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy on Wednesday, Domenicali said:

"It is definitely a situation we have to face up to right now but I would like to take a slightly different view of it, because whilst it is true that companies are having to face up to changes, with reducing sales of cars or bikes, on the other hand motorcycle racing, like so many other sports, is well loved, it has so many fans all over the world and it will find a way to move forward.

"We are considering a variety of proposals, together with the other constructors, the organisers and the Federation with this objective in mind; for example modifying the rules on the durability of the engines, which produce one of the biggest costs in MotoGP.

"The objective of extending engine durability is a matter for 2010 because it involves modifications that include the redesigning of internal components and that takes a certain amount of time.

"For this season we are looking at taking a step towards it by reducing the length of each practice session. Ducati also has to face up to this difficult situation but we have the support of solid partners: starting with our multi-year agreement with our title sponsor Marlboro, as well as Shell and Telecom.

"Of course these are tough times but there are still plenty of ways to make sure that the MotoGP World Championship remains a leading promotional vehicle."

Kawasaki recently announced that it was quitting MotoGP due to the global financial crisis, reducing the number of manufacturers to four and potentially lowering the grid to just 17 riders.



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