Jonas Folger was left to reflect on what might have been after a mix-up by his Tech 3 Yamaha team in Sunday’s flag-to-flag race at Brno in the Czech Republic.

With the track drying out rapidly, Folger opted to pull into the pits early behind Marc Marquez but the MotoGP rookie was forced to return to the circuit as his second machine was not ready with slicks.

He pitted on the following lap but by that time the Sachsenring runner-up had lost a lot of ground and he eventually finished in tenth place.

Folger said: “The track was drying up really quick, so I decided in the last sector to enter the pit lane, on lap two or lap three, same lap as Marc. I saw it was drying up, I saw I didn't have exactly the same pace as the top riders on the rain tyres, so I said to myself, OK, I need to go in now, it’s dry enough, I need to take the risk.

“And soon as I picked up the bike, I saw Marc also turned into the pit lane. I was thinking, OK, perfect, I have a great guy in front of me, maybe I can try to stay behind him and make a good pace behind him. But in the end, there was something wrong going on with the bike, so I had to go through; the bike wasn’t ready, and then I entered in the next lap,” he added.

“After that immediately I had a good feeling with the bike. It was a completely different bike than we had all weekend; it was the bike we wanted to try in the warm-up if it had been dry, because we struggled in the weekend with the front feeling.

“So we took the risk and said, OK, we'll try this bike in the race as well, even if we didn't try it before. So it felt a little bit strange for one lap, but then after that, all the problems that we had in the weekend disappeared.”

Although disappointed, Folger accepts that mistakes can happen and says he felt sorry for his team and did not blame them for the blunder.

“Mistakes happen, and for the future, we need to be more clear what we are going to do, especially in these conditions, with flag-to-flag, where we are sure we will have slick tyres on the bike.

“I make mistakes, they made the first mistake of the year, we are all human, so I cannot blame them. They are very disappointed, they are very sorry.

“And at the same time, I feel very sorry for them, because we knew we could have done a great race today. But it's like that, so we have to accept it and to look forward,” added Folger, who made the decision to enter pit lane himself.

“I had a really strong pace, I was feeling really comfortable. At the end, we had lost a lot of time, I wasn't thinking I would be able to make a top 10, but I did. So I'm really happy about the race.”



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