It may have taken over three days of running, but Maverick Viñales finally rekindled a “really good feeling” with the Yamaha M1 at the post-race test at Brno on Monday, with set-up changes, not new parts, key to his speed.

Viñales was a picture of discontent on Friday and Saturday, complaining of excessive turning and braking issues, as he ploughed ahead with adapting to the needs of Yamaha’s new chassis.

And despite having new Ohlins carbon fibre forks, and a revised Yamaha aerodynamic fairing to sample throughout the running of Monday’s test, Viñales was most pleased with set-up changes that helped him feel comfortable atop the M1 once more.

“Yes, a really good feeling,” he said after ending the day third overall, 0.173s off team-mate Valentino Rossi’s best time. “Honestly, I was really focused on the rhythm on the medium tyres, and I was feeling quite great. Now in the afternoon I tried just to put many laps in a row, and I was feeling great on the bike.

“We made small changes, especially with the setup, and I was feeling great, especially with the front. So it's something I really liked and appreciate.

“Today we resolved a lot, because I could keep 1m 55s on the rhythm, so it's a really good lap time. So I'm quite happy, we improved the bike a lot and also I was feeling more comfortable, and riding like always.

“I feel happy again on the bike, I'm riding really good. Also we tried many things on the electronics that we improved, so I'm quite happy overall.”

After a series of tricky races, was this the best he had felt with Yamaha in some time? “Right now? Yes,” Viñales confirmed. “Since many races.”

Intriguingly, Viñales felt Yamaha’s new fairing would be appropriate for this weekend’s round at the high-speed Red Bull Ring, while Valentino Rossi thought the opposite.

Likewise, when it came assessing the new front forks, Viñales’ views opposed those given by his elder team-mate. The 22-year old Catalan was not overly impressed. Rossi, on the other hand, favoured their “light” feeling.

“Well, we were trying just to get more acceleration, in Austria it's really important to keep really good acceleration,” said Viñales, assessing the fairing. “Especially to take a good lap time. It improved where we needed to improve, so I think it's very positive for Austria.

“[At the Red Bull Ring] the important thing is the acceleration. You don't have so many corners where you have to carry so much speed. So I think here we did a good job for Austria.”

On the forks, Viñales added: “Yes, they feel much lighter. But anyway, the effect was maybe not the one we wanted, but we're going to try it again in Austria and see how it works there.”

The Movistar Yamaha man, who won the first two grand prix of the season, sits 14 points behind leader Marc Marquez in the world championship.



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