Although Ducati’s Jorge Lorenzo has stated his preference for the factory’s radical new fairing, team-mate Andrea Dovizioso believes it will be “very difficult” to assess where to use the aerodynamic feature in future races.

The fairing was top of Dovizioso’s testing list on Monday at Brno, where he set the eleventh fastest time of the day, which clocked in at 1.2s slower than late pace setter Valentino Rossi.

Dovizioso believes there was no clear indicator in terms of lap times as to whether it was a huge benefit, and noted that it required more energy to muscle the GP17 around when the fairing was fitted.

“Today was a perfect test to make a comparison about the fairing in a right way,” said the Italian. “We were relaxed, we tried [different] set-ups. The feedback is very clear to understand the difference for the future because this fairing is something difficult to manage.

“You have the positives and also negatives. Every track is different so it will be difficult to take a decision in every track to use it or not. For Austria, I believe we will use it. Still, we didn’t decide. We have to work on that. For the layout of Austria, I think we will use.

“Like I tell you now, the feedback of today explained to us that there is a positive and negative. It’s not so clear where we will use it because the facts of this thing are very strange. Very, very strange.

So how was it strange? “To ride,” came the reply. “Normally when you try some set-up, the lap time gives you important feedback to take a decision. I believe and I’m convinced this is different. For sure, we can be fast but you have to analyse in the way that you’re fast, how you play with the bike. That’s why it’s very, very difficult.

“And apart from that also it’s so important in MotoGP how easy and how much energy you use when you make a lap time. Sometimes one tenth is nothing compared to the intensity you are able to put all the race. So it’s not so easy to manage.”

Dovizioso also had a chance to sample new Michelin rubber, with a front tyre the French company has designed for Misano available, as well as a ‘2018 prototype’ rear tyre.

“I didn’t like so much,” offered Dovizioso. “The difference was very small. I had a small vibration. I didn’t feel the same support. Most of the riders liked it. A few riders say, in the moment I try the tyres, it was worse. All the others try in a different moment said it was better. So maybe the temperature change. I don’t know. We will see.”



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