Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa were among the riders to express concerns that some trackside barriers at this weekend's Austrian MotoGP are still too close.

MotoGP returned to Austria and the high-speed Red Bull Ring last season, when fears were raised about run-off in several areas.

Kerbing was moved inwards at the final turn, which will again be the case in 2017, but no further modifications look to have been made.

"I think that in a track where the average and the top speed is very high, but especially is high during all the lap, unfortunately the runoff area is never enough, because it's very difficult," Rossi said.

"I think that there are maybe two or three points that are a bit dangerous, but sincerely I don't remember if they modified something compared to last year. Anyway, tomorrow we will go on the track and tomorrow afternoon we will speak together in the Safety Commission."

Pedrosa added: "Pretty much the same. I don't remember exactly if they have modified the track. Yesterday I walked around and I can still see two or three points where the wall is too close for the speeds we have at that point.

"Obviously, like Valentino says, tomorrow we'll check again and see what chance we have for the future."

Wet weather is expected during at least part of Friday's opening practice sessions.


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