Yamaha’s Maverick Vinales says the turning issues he was experiencing at Brno have not been completely eradicated, although his M1 is handling much better at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Vinales was second fastest on Friday in Spielberg as he finished two tenths back on Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso and the Spaniard is feeling more optimistic over his prospects this weekend.

“It’s not gone, we are still having a little bit, but it’s much better than Brno and I think we are quite competitive in sector two and three as we need to be because that is a good sector for the Yamaha,” Vinales said.

“Still in sector one we have to improve on that point and also in sector four, where we have to try and make the bike accelerate a little bit more, especially compared to the Ducati.

“But I’m happy overall. I feel really good today and the bike is working in a good way and that is something positive for me.”

Vinales is using the older winglets fairing that he ran at Le Mans in France as opposed to Yamaha’s new aero version this weekend and revealed he also currently prefers the standard forks on the M1 compared to the carbon upgrades.

“We are using the old one [fairing], the one we used in Le Mans. For me they are good and we have already homologated,” he said.

“I had a good feeling with this new front fork but I didn’t feel the improvement that I needed to do and I feel more comfortable with the old ones. I didn’t want to change too many things and I think for the moment we have a good set-up and we are quite comfortable.

“The objective today was recovering a good feeling and try to make many laps in a row as we did in FP1. Here you have to do always one fast lap at the end and if not, you can be out of Q2, if tomorrow rained. So we needed to put a rear tyre at the end but I was feeling quite comfortable on the used tyre.”

Vinales feels there have been some safety improvements at the Red Bull Ring this year but he is still wary of ‘three quite dangerous’ parts of the circuit.

“The entry of pit lane has much more space from last year so that’s a good point but this track was always quite harder because the speed we go into the braking points is quite high, so there is three points that are quite dangerous for sure.”



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