22 young riders have been chosen to take part in the inaugural 2018 British Talent Cup, following today's Selection Event at Silverstone.

Almost 100 hopefuls attended the event, which involved a full day of action on the Stowe Circuit.

The Selection Event team - including Talent Promotion Director Alberto Puig, Special Advisor Shuhei Nakamoto and British Talent Scout Jeremy McWilliams - then chose the 22 permanent entries, plus a further six for the reserve list.

As well as outright pace, their decision was influenced by factors such as improvement and skill.

"It's been a hectic day, and it's stressful for us and the kids!" said former grand prix star McWilliams. "The kids ride on the limit to impress but it's a process that brings out the best, as we found out today. It's the start of an incredible journey for the riders who have been selected - and maybe even for some of the reserve riders. We would love to fit more in but we're limited on space.

"This is where it begins for all these riders, to hopefully become professional motorcycle racers - and approaching it a professional manner. Racing has been fun for them, and now they're stepping into a bigger arena. I'm looking forward to seeing them progress and helping them in any way I can, as is everyone involved."

"It was a nice Selection Event, and the important thing is that there are no big injuries," said Puig. "It was a nice day for all of us, and after the riders, who are the real stars of the event, we want to thank all the mechanics, the circuit, and the people involved in the event.

"This is a path that begins in England, and we throw all our enthusiasm and passion into this project. We hope that the guys who are selected put that same effort into the racing - and everything you have to do to be a racer. That starts now."

2018 British Talent Cup Riders

5 Charlie Atkins M (14 years old)
10 Franco Bourne M (13)
13 Jonathan Campbell M (14)
14 Harvey Claridge M (12)
20 Adon Davie M (12)
26 Charlie Farrer M (15)
29 Brian Hart M (15)
30 Jack Hart M (13)
37 Cameron Horsman M (16)
38 Rhys Irwin M (15)
44 Sam Laffins M (15)
54 Scott Ogden M (13)
56 Lewis Paterson M (16)
66 Fenton Seabright M (15)
69 Storm Stacey M (14)
71 Thomas Strudwick M (15)
72 Scott Swann M (14)
76 Ross Turner M (13)
80 Joshua Whatley M (11)
85 Max Cook M (14)
88 Jack Nixon M (16)
89 Jamie Davis M (12)

11 Mathew Bower M (15)
15 Jacob Clark M (14)
58 Elliot Pinson M (14)
74 Annabel Thomas F (13)
77 Eddie Wade M (14)
34 George Hopper M (13)



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