Johann Zarco has stated his satisfaction with his qualifying performance at Misano on Saturday, after qualifying on the second row.

The Frenchman shrugged off a second fall of the weekend to finish qualifying in sixth, pushing Dani Pedrosa back to the third row.

“A good day today,” said Zarco. “Even yesterday was not bad. As I said, the position was a bit far but the lap time was close. It means it's necessary to work on the bike and find a solution to be faster. We did a step in the morning.

“Even if I crashed, it was quite a lot of wind this morning and not many riders were able to improve. So because I improved, it means we did a good step. I had a crash, because I had to push so much, but I was not worried, I knew why I crashed, so...

“In FP4, we did a good work with the used tyre, still some problems, but with two exits, we could fix this problem, and then in qualifying, really on the first exit I saw the lap time I did and I was already happy, because it came … not easy, but very well, quite comfortably.

“So I stopped to breathe and drink, and then push again with the second tire, and here the lap time came pretty well. So it means that the work with the team has been good until now. For the dry conditions, I can be ready for the race, because starting on the second row is a very important point, to start fast and with the top group.

“And then I hope I can have this high pace, but saving energy for my body and for the concentration I need for all the race. So this is going to be in case of dry conditions.

“I mean, problem, in this kind of track, it's not the problem of the speed, because we are not going over 300 km/h, it's just the track is quite short, so you are going into the corner, but you are already in the next one, and when you are corner two, then it's already three, four, five.

“All the corners are coming so quickly, so if you have one problem, then you bring this problem for almost all the lap, and this makes you very tired. I struggled on it since yesterday, and now I think I was able to be fast without struggling.”


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