At the close of 28 exhausting, tension-packed laps Scott Redding was relieved to post another strong top ten finish – his second in succession – in treacherous conditions at Misano after what had been a difficult weekend in the dry.

The Englishman had struggled with front-end feeling through free practice, an issue he failed to rectify before qualifying, during which Redding languished down in 19th place.

Intense morning rain offered up a reprieve of sorts, with Redding showing the pace to be inside the top in a sodden warm-up session. And while he had to take avoiding action at the start, due to Karel Abraham’s early spill, the 24-year old edged his way toward the higher point-scoring places.

Once eighth, Redding attempted to bridge the gap to Johann Zarco and Jack Miller ahead, but found a lack of feeling through the left-hand corners held him back. His times, he said, were consistent “because that was all I could do.”

“I was happy with the result but I expected a bit more. I had no grip on the left side,” said Redding. “I struggled a lot and it was quite risky to stay on the bike. I just tried to keep that rhythm. 

“In the end I’m happy because we struggled all weekend, we got a bit of rain and I did the best I could. I got in the top ten. Those are the postiives but I felt that I couldn’t really use my wet weather advantage. I felt limited. In the end to take a top ten is good.

“I could have done with a bit more rear grip. The tyre was too hard and we struggled on the left side. When I was on the gas, off the gas, I could it just wanted to slide. We did the best we could with what we had.

“I would’ve liked to have had a bit more grip, like I had on the right side. Then I would’ve been able to push a little bit. I was being held back and I felt I had the potential to go toward the front.

“There were some parts of the race I was going a bit faster but then it was the limit. It’s nice that Danilo was fighting for the victory. He got another podium for the team. In the end it wasn’t a bad weekend.”

On keeping his concentration in check throughout, Redding continued: “Definitely, it was quite hard. I got stuck at the start with Abraham when he crashed. I had to start again from the back. There was no pressure then. I could find the rhythm, keep pushing and I felt quite good. Then I reached a limit.

“Those 50 minutes of intensity, and trying not to make a mistake… the front was locking, the tyre was a little bit soft, and the rear is sliding. You know it’s sliding but you don’t know how much. You try to push a bit more and then another slide. OK, so the next lap we have to push less. It was hard but it was hard for everyone. “

Asked whether he had endured a few near-misses through the 28 laps, Redding said, “I had a couple of big moments. At turn two, onto the back straight, the corner before the back straight, the corner after the back straight, onto the other back straight… I had quite a few! So I knew it was there. If I pushed more, I’d have risked.

“I had to be clever. I saw a few people crashing and I thought, ‘Don’t put too much.’ When Rins was pushing I tried to step it up a bit and I thought, ‘Don’t f**king crash again, like you did at Assen, when you were under pressure from the other guys.’ I managed to bring it back and then Zarco ran out of fuel at the end. I’m happy. We got a bit of rain and I salvaged something respectable.”


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