Danilo Petrucci struggled to hide his frustration on Sunday afternoon, the Italian appearing puzzled by several issues which he felt cost him a shot at securing a fifth MotoGP podium of the season.

His race day was far from straightforward. The 27-year old’s race came under threat before the grid had even formed as mechanical issues forced him to stop on the out-lap, necessitating a hasty sprint back to the Pramac garage.

Having switched to his spare bike, Petrucci then had to start the race from the back of the grid. And although he picked off nine riders on the first lap, he soon found his rear grip much diminished.

It would be a frustrating race, especially considering the Ducati GP17’s potential at this track, in these conditions, as witnessed by the dominance of official riders Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo, who claimed the factory’s second premier class 1-2 in ten years.

Asked whether he could find solace in finishing sixth considering the dramas of the day, Petrucci was clear: “No, because first of all, it's the fourth time that it's always my bike is broken in the race. I don't know how many times in the free practice.

“And second, I don't know why my tyre was not working since Friday in the wet. We see a lot of spinning compared to other Ducatis. And this time, I start from the last position and in the first and second corner, I gain maybe ten or eleven positions. Then it was impossible to stay up.

“I was passed by van der Mark on the outside, the first time he ride the Yamaha in the wet. And I think I was not the only one in that situation, because even Rossi looked like it was the first time he ride the bike. So I don't know, I don't have so many words. For sure we miss another podium chance, and that's all. I don't have a lot to say.”

Just how did the feeling aboard the bike differ to previous wet outings at Misano and Motegi? “[It was] Completely different. I always use my weight and my traction on the wet to be faster, but not this time. And I don't know why. But we have the data, and I don't know, I don't know why my bike was not working this time.”

Did he feel his wet rear tyre was in any way to blame? “I don't know,” he said. “I don't know. And I don't want to say anything, before watching first the data. For sure the data from Friday, we had a lot of spinning from the rear, and this time I think it was even worse. Anyway, I managed to finish the race, but for sure we miss another podium opportunity this time.

“For sure the problem I had in the third corner, I had to run one kilometer with the leathers on, because Turn three, there was no scooter, and I was not able to reach the box in five minutes because I had to run from Turn three to here. Anyway, I was happy to finish the race and not crash.”



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