Full Sporting and Technical Regulation changes here (as of 30th November 2018) continued:

Concession Points – MotoGP Class

When a Manufacturer gains sufficient concession points to lose concessions then the right for test riders to test at any GP circuit is cancelled. The regulation has been clarified to specify that this applies to testing in the following season when the manufacturer must nominate three current GP circuits for testing.

In order that a manufacturer who only accrued concession points on a spasmodic basis did not lose concessions after several years it has been decided that concession points will expire on the two-year anniversary of the date on which the points were gained.

Generators used on the Grid

Currently, regulations limit the use to a hand carried generator with a maximum output of 2 kw. Current practice is for generators to be incorporated into a service cart with toolboxes, spare wheels and other equipment.

Accordingly, the current regulation has been cancelled and the Technical Director will henceforth be responsible for determining the acceptability of the generator/equipment cart brought onto the grid.

Technical Regulations – Effective Immediately

Moto2 Class Technical Regulations

To recognise the change of engine supplier from Honda to Triumph the technical regulations for this class have been modified. Full details will be available within the next days in the official regulations published on line by the FIM.

Tyre Allocations

After consultation with the Safety Commission and the official suppliers of tyres the following changes have been made to tyre allocations:

MotoGP Class

The standard allocation of rain tyres will increase from 11 to 13 being six front and seven rear tyres.

Moto3 and Moto2 Classes

In these classes the number of rain tyres is not limited. However, the official supplier must now have available of a minimum of four sets of rain tyres per rider.

Disciplinary Regulations – Effective Immediately

Penalties not subject to appeal

The Disciplinary Code contains a list of penalties that are not subject to appeal, usually those penalties given during a race. However, the FIM Stewards may also impose a time penalty in lieu of another penalty, typically when the standard penalty (e.g. change position, ride through, etc.) cannot be complied with because there is insufficient time left in the race. The regulation covering such matters has now been changed so that when a time penalty is given in lieu of any non-appealable penalty, the time penalty also becomes non-appealable.



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