The second day of the first official 2016 Moto3 test took place at Jerez on Thursday.

Testing concludes on Friday evening.

The final official test will be held in Qatar, venue for the season-opening race, on March 11-13...

1.Romano Fenati Sky Racing Team VR46 (KTM)1m 46.445s[Session 3]
2.Jorge Navarro Estrella Galicia 0.0 (Honda)1m 46.505s[Session 3]
3.Nicolo Antonelli Ongetta-Rivacold (Honda)1m 46.550s[Session 3]
4.Nicolo Bulega Sky Racing Team VR46 (KTM)1m 46.600s[Session 3]
5.Brad Binder Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)1m 46.626s[Session 2]
6.Enea Bastianini Gresini Racing Moto3 (Honda)1m 46.725s[Session 3]
7.Livio Loi RW Racing GP (Honda)1m 46.890s[Session 3]
8.Jorge Martin ASPAR MAHINDRA Team Moto3 (Mahindra)1m 46.894s[Session 2]
9.Joan Mir Leopard Racing (KTM)1m 46.960s[Session 3]
10.Andrea Migno Sky Racing Team VR46 (KTM)1m 47.021s[Session 3]
11.Philipp Oettl Schedl GP Racing (KTM)1m 47.187s[Session 2]
12.Juanfran Guevara RBA Racing Team (KTM)1m 47.353s[Session 2]
13.Fabio Quartararo Leopard Racing (KTM)1m 47.401s[Session 2]
14.Jakub Kornfeil Drive M7 SIC Racing Team (Honda)1m 47.419s[Session 3]
15.Gabriel Rodrigo RBA Racing Team (KTM)1m 47.504s[Session 2]
16.Jules Danilo Ongetta-Rivacold (Honda)1m 47.533s[Session 3]
17.Aron Canet Estrella Galicia 0.0 (Honda)1m 47.563s[Session 3]
18.Andrea Locatelli Leopard Racing (KTM)1m 47.878s[Session 2]
19.Francesco Bagnaia ASPAR MAHINDRA Team Moto3 (Mahindra)1m 47.879s[Session 3]
20.Bo Bendsneyder Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)1m 47.947s[Session 3]
21.Karel Hanika Platinum Bay Real Estate (Mahindra)1m 48.048s[Session 2]
22.Darryn Binder Platinum Bay Real Estate (Mahindra)1m 48.097s[Session 2]
23.John McPhee Peugeot MC Saxoprint (Peugeot)1m 48.172s[Session 3]
24.Tatsuki Suzuki CIP-Unicom Starker (Mahindra)1m 48.235s[Session 2]
25.Hiroki Ono Honda Team Asia (Honda)1m 48.245s[Session 3]
26.Khairul Idham Pawi Honda Team Asia (Honda)1m 48.394s[Session 3]
27.Alexis Masbou Peugeot MC Saxoprint (Peugeot)1m 48.492s[Session 2]
28.Maria Herrera MH6 Laglisse (KTM)1m 48.514s[Session 3]
29.Fabio Di Giannantonio Gresini Racing Moto3 (Honda)1m 48.539s[Session 3]
30.Adam Norrodin Drive M7 SIC Racing Team (Honda)1m 48.642s[Session 3]
31.Stefano Valtulini 3570 Team Italia (Mahindra)1m 49.277s[Session 3]
32.Lorenzo Petrarca 3570 Team Italia (Mahindra)1m 49.530s[Session 3]
33.Fabio Spiranelli CIP-Unicom Starker (Mahindra)1m 51.165s[Session 3]

Fastest Day 1 time:Nicolo Bulega ITA KTM 1m 46.591s

Official Jerez Moto3 records:Best lap: Jack Miller AUS KTM 1m 46.173s (2014)Fastest race lap:Brad Binder RSA KTM 1m 46.723s (2015)



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