The final day of the first official 2016 Moto3 test took place at Jerez on Thursday.

The next official test will be held in Qatar, venue for the season-opening race, on March 11-13...

1.Nicolo BulegaSky Racing Team VR46 (KTM)1m 46.539s[Session 3]
2.Brad BinderRed Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)1m 46.618s[Session 2]
3.Joan MirLeopard Racing (KTM)1m 46.725s[Session 2]
4.Nicolo AntonelliOngetta-Rivacold (Honda)1m 46.749s[Session 3]
5.Jorge NavarroEstrella Galicia 0.0 (Honda)1m 46.809s[Session 3]
6.Romano FenatiSky Racing Team VR46 (KTM)1m 46.836s[Session 3]
7.Enea BastianiniGresini Racing Moto3 (Honda)1m 47.344s[Session 2]
8.Fabio QuartararoLeopard Racing (KTM)1m 47.373s[Session 3]
9.Andrea MignoSky Racing Team VR46 (KTM)1m 47.395s[Session 3]
10.Philipp OettlSchedl GP Racing (KTM)1m 47.492s[Session 2]
11.Jakub KornfeilDrive M7 SIC Racing Team (Honda)1m 47.509s[Session 3]
12.Gabriel RodrigoRBA Racing Team (KTM)1m 47.617s[Session 2]
13.Bo BendsneyderRed Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)1m 47.730s[Session 3]
14.Livio LoiRW Racing GP (Honda)1m 47.837s[Session 2]
15.Maria HerreraMH6 Laglisse (KTM)1m 47.876s[Session 3]
16.Jules DaniloOngetta-Rivacold (Honda)1m 47.953s[Session 3]
17.Darryn BinderPlatinum Bay Real Estate (Mahindra)1m 48.038s[Session 3]
18.John McPheePeugeot MC Saxoprint (Peugeot)1m 48.085s[Session 3]
19.Jorge MartinASPAR MAHINDRA Team Moto3 (Mahindra)1m 48.132s[Session 2]
20.Juanfran GuevaraRBA Racing Team (KTM)1m 48.183s[Session 2]
21.Tatsuki SuzukiCIP-Unicom Starker (Mahindra)1m 48.188s[Session 2]
22.Hiroki OnoHonda Team Asia (Honda)1m 48.282s[Session 2]
23.Karel HanikaPlatinum Bay Real Estate (Mahindra)1m 48.358s[Session 2]
24.Aron CanetEstrella Galicia 0.0 (Honda)1m 48.376s[Session 2]
25.Francesco BagnaiaASPAR MAHINDRA Team Moto3 (Mahindra)1m 48.425s[Session 2]
26.Fabio Di GiannantonioGresini Racing Moto3 (Honda)1m 48.550s[Session 2]
27.Khairul Idham PawiHonda Team Asia (Honda)1m 48.676s[Session 2]
28.Andrea LocatelliLeopard Racing (KTM)1m 48.742s[Session 2]
29.Alexis MasbouPeugeot MC Saxoprint (Peugeot)1m 48.978s[Session 2]
30.Stefano Valtulini3570 Team Italia (Mahindra)1m 49.159s[Session 2]
31.Adam NorrodinDrive M7 SIC Racing Team (Honda)1m 49.570s[Session 2]
32.Lorenzo Petrarca3570 Team Italia (Mahindra)1m 49.663s[Session 3]
33.Fabio SpiranelliCIP-Unicom Starker (Mahindra)1m 51.288s[Session 2]

Fastest Day 2 time:Romano Fenati ITA KTM 1m 46.445sFastest Day 1 time:Nicolo Bulega ITA KTM 1m 46.591s

Official Jerez Moto3 records:Best lap: Jack Miller AUS KTM 1m 46.173s (2014)Fastest race lap:Brad Binder RSA KTM 1m 46.723s (2015)



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