Honda has unveiled an all-new CRF450 that will be the basis of the 2017 production bike, featuring electric start for the first time ever. The bike, ridden by Akira Narita in the Japanese championship round at Kobe this weekend, still has a kickstart, which you can clearly see on our shot taken by MOTO's Takuro Nagami.

The engine is totally new, with a more compact gearbox and, of course, an electric start motor. The head looks like it retains the single cam design but it's difficult to tell as Honda staff cover the bike up at every opportunity.

They have even built a private jetwash area and are keeping the machine under wraps whenever it's not being ridden. The only time it was visible was when they took it to technical control, as seen in this photo.

The frame is a new version of Honda's twin-spar chassis but the shock is mounted much lower. There is all new bodywork, too. The bike was ridden in qualifying today (Saturday) and will get its race debut tomorrow.

Narita was fourth in qualifying on the bike and sent out pics of him in action on it via social media, saying "my bike is super!".



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