OK so there was a time when even considering that a Swiss team might be considered a genuine contender in the Motocross of Nations would have been the ramblings of a mad man. Switzerland may be famous for clean air, over-manufactured timepieces and flexible banking practices, but motocross has never been that high on the national radar. Yet when you look at the team that the Swiss have just announced, that could be about to change. The squad of Arnaud Tonus, Valentin Guillod and Jeremy Seewer, the same as in 2014 contains two riders that have taken the fight to two-time champion and wunderkind Jeffrey Herlings and in Guillod's case, beaten him hands down. Add into the mix Seewer who is currently running fifth in the MX2 world championship, just one place behind Guillod and came sixth in MX2 at the Nations last year and suddenly that's looking like a pretty strong team.

Of course cynics could say that Tonus has been sidelined for most of this year, but the Nations has a habit of bringing riders back to astounding form, and the hard pack French track looks likely to favour the former British champion and his team mates. Tonus was always the most polished and stylish riders on the track and is likey to have lost none of that style that had some comparing him to Stefan Everts. He placed eight in the open class in Latvia, with the then little-known Guillod taking seventh in MXGP.

Getting on the podium might be asking a bit too much but it's not out of the question for the boys from Switzerland - stranger things have happened.



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