Despite a report on that the racing surface at Daytona International Speedway would be repaved within three years, track president Robin Braig said Wednesday that no definite decision has been made on the timetable.

"With the help of NASCAR and Goodyear, that's about what we're guessing," Braig said of the three-year time frame. "We do core samples every year, and with the weather and the usage, that looks to be on the horizon.

"It probably won't be sooner. It'll probably be later."

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said Wednesday he thought it was about time for the track to get new asphalt, a project that would cost an estimated $20 million.

Daytona was last resurfaced in 1978.

"(That) was a long time ago, man - 30 years," Earnhardt said. "Highways get paved more often than that, and they're only going 55 or 65 (mph) down them...

"Maybe we'll get this thing paved before I retire."