A freak boating accident left Greg Biffle with a bruised ego and sore ribs, but the driver of the #16 Roush Fenway Ford doesn't expect the pain in his right side to be a factor in Sunday's Cup race.

"I wish I had a better story, I really do," said Biffle, who will forego competing in Saturday's Scotts Turf Builder 300 Nationwide Series event. "Me and a couple buddies went out fishing on Tuesday night, and we were just messing around in our cove right there, and we came back to the dock.

"I jumped over to the dock and the boat was kind of drifting out a little bit. One guy had the front corner and I said, 'I'm gonna jump back over and grab a rope and then jump back again.' It was about 11:30, so there was a little bit of dew in the air and the platform must have been wet, and when I jumped over it just shot my foot out from underneath me. It turned me around backwards and put me right on my side and on my back on the edge of the boat."

Biffle, who lives in Mooresville, N.C., said Friday that he felt considerably better than he did on Tuesday night.

"When the adrenaline kicks in, I won't even think about it," he said.

A fourth-place qualifying effort on Friday afternoon helped ease the pain.

by Reid Spencer/Sporting News



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