David Gilliland's fan club has collected money to help TRG Motorsports continues its solid start to life in NASCAR's Sprint Cup competition in Martinsville this weekend.

'Gilly's Gang' banded together on the driver's official web site and raised over $3000 to help the TRG effort this weekend, and will be rewarded by having their logo run on the rear deck lid of the #71 Toyota in the Goody's Fast Relief 500 on Sunday.

"It is great to have the sticker on the car," Gilliland admitted, "It is funny, but everyone used to call my grandpa 'Gilly', although I never really told anyone that. Last year, a bunch of the guys on the team called me 'Gilly', so that is how that deal got started - my fans picked up on it and started Gilly's Gang.

"They have been great through all of the stuff that has happened this last six months. They have never missed a beat and been behind me 100 per cent. Now, with the logo on the deck lid for this weekend, they are with me more than 100. It is awesome to have that kind of support of from your fans, and I am real proud to have them behind me and on the car for this weekend. We will try to give them a good run tomorrow."

TRG found itself in the right place at the right time at Martinsville as rain cancelled qualifying for round six of the Sprint Cup, leaving Gilliland to start from 35th after the order was determined by owners' points.

Mindful of the weather forecast, crew chief 'Slugger' Labbe unloaded the #71 car on Friday with the thought of doing maximum work on race set-up, and Gilliland and the team took full advantage of the day's only practice session.

"We worked hard to be in this position," the driver said, "We will be starting a little farther back than I think we would have qualified, but we will be racing on Sunday. We spent 99 per cent of our time in race trim as the radar is looking like it is going to rain up until Sunday, so we really focused on our race set-up.

"Being in the top 35 in owner points coming in here allowed us to do that as opposed to just running qualifying laps all practice. We got the car driving well. 'Slugger' and the guys unloaded the car and it was pretty close. We were able to work on it some in the practice today and I have no problem racing it on Sunday."