TV concept American Monster has agreed to a deal with TRG Motorsports that will see it become the primary sponsor on the #71 Chevrolet campaigned by David Gilliland with immediate effect from this weekend's race at Phoenix.

A concept designed to showcase successful, home-grown talent from a variety of competitive arenas, and relying on little more than natural talent, innate abilities and pure determination, American Monster will focus on athletes from the mixed martial arts, Monster Trucks and NASCAR, before expanding to other sports in the near future.

"The 'TRG Motorsports NASCAR on a Dime' story of entering the most competitive racing series on the planet is exactly what the American Monster concept is all about," creator Roger Dean noted, "We chose TRG Motorsports as the catalyst to introduce and publicise the brand, and the car will be used as a 180mph billboard to let people know what will be coming on the American Monster TV shows.

"We will also use the NASCAR venues to cross promote our other exciting programme segments and brand lifestyle. American Monster's creative partners Joe Iacono of Iacono Design Group and James Begera of WA007 will leverage the NASCAR audience to offer television viewers and advertisers added value by building a lifestyle brand of the future, while American Monster will utilise David Gilliland and the sport to explain to everyone that an 'American Monster' lives in all of us, but you have to have what it takes."

TRG Motorsports team principal Kevin Buckler now has a few more dimes to continue running in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

"We have found a partner that really mirrors what we are all about at TRG Motorsports," he said, "The very definition of an American Monster is what we portray in our team. What we have been able to do, with eleven 'Monsters' on the crew, against the large and well-funded teams has earned us a place in this sport. It was a huge risk to get involved when we did, but that risk is now rewarded with a great looking blue-and-silver #71 American Monster Chevrolet.

"The partnership will help us to focus on increasing our level of competitiveness on the track, as well as begin to incubate a fan following in NASCAR through a very cool merchandising programme."