To Jeff Burton, there are times when it's okay to dump a fellow driver.

Burton finished third in Saturday's Ford 300 Nationwide race behind series champion Kyle Busch and runner-up Carl Edwards, but the most noteworthy action took place on lap 34, when Denny Hamlin spun Brad Keselowski as the cars exited turn four.

After the two drivers had traded shots a week earlier at Phoenix -- with Hamlin spinning out of control -- Hamlin promised to retaliate at Homestead and did so. After the race, he admitted the contact was intentional.

Because of the history between the drivers, Burton felt Hamlin's unilateral "police action" was justified.

"I thought Denny did the right thing," Burton said. "When you constantly get spun out by the same car, there comes a time where you've got to put your foot down and not take it. The next time Keselowski thinks about spinning him out, he'll think about it.

"I want to be clear. I like Brad, too. I don't mean to say either one of them is a bad guy or whatever. Sometimes stuff happens. I think Brad Keselowski does a really good job, and I think he's going to be real successful in the Cup Series, too.

"Sometimes you've just got to take control and make it stop."

by Reid Spencer/Sporting News



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