Greg Biffle, the third-place finisher in the Daytona 500, was less than a mile from winning the race, had NASCAR not called a caution for a wreck in turn three behind him.

Biffle was rounding turn four on lap 199 when the yellow flew for a crash involving Bill Elliott, Joey Logano and Boris Said. Had he taken the white flag under green, Biffle would have won the race.

At the drivers' meeting before Thursday's Gatorade Duels, NASCAR announced a rule change that would require as many as three attempts at a green-white-chequered-flag finish before a race could end. If NASCAR calls a caution before the leader takes the white flag and starts the final lap under green, another attempt at a green-white-chequered is required - up to three times.

"I was thinking 'why do I have to be the first casualty of the rule change, to be the guy who didn't get the win?'," Biffle admitted.

Actually, that wasn't the case, because Biffle's winning chances came within the scheduled 200 laps and, under the same circumstances, NASCAR would have gone to a green-white-chequered under the old rule as well as the new.

It was actually Kevin Harvick, who was leading when caution flew on lap 203 - three laps into overtime - who suffered from the amendment. The subsequent green-white-chequered restart gave Jamie McMurray the chance he needed to win the race.

by Reid Spencer / Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service



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