Construction crews have just completed work on two critical areas of the road course designed to increase competitor safety at Infineon Raceway.

The hillsides at Turns 1 and 6 have been graded substantially, providing dramatically increased runoff for competitors. There is now more than 120 feet of runoff at Turn 1, and 80 feet of runoff at Turn 6. The newly shaved slopes have been hydro-seeded to aid in erosion control and stabilization.

The old, wooden bridges at Turns 1 and 6 have also been removed and will be replaced by bridges with a sturdy metal framework and ramps to provide easier fan access. The bridges should be erected by March.

The new Turn 1 bridge will be 70 feet longer and will be constructed approximately 100 feet closer to Turn 2. The new positioning will remove the bridge abutment from the runoff area. The Turn 6 bridge, meanwhile, will continue to overlook the Carousel, however its abutment will also be removed from the runoff area. Both redesigns will further enhance competitor safety.

This marks the second major off-season project at Infineon Raceway as the road course was repaved in August. As part of the repaving, more than 3,000 feet of French Edge Drains were installed to keep water from draining under the track surface -- the raceway is just 15 feet above sea level. Curbing was also added at Turns 2, 6, 8 and 10. Portions of the road course that were repaved included Turns 1-3, 6-8 and 11. Turns 4-5, 9-10, 12 and the Chute were repaved prior to the 2003 season.



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