Two time Daytona winner Michael Waltrip has said that a proposed change in the scoring system for the NASCAR championship would be popular with fans.

Waltrip thinks any changes that could take place will only add to the sport.

"In history, only one or two guys at most have moved from outside of the top and into the top 10 with 10 races to go," he said, "and that's been a move from 12th to seventh at best. That's not much of a story. But having 10 guys with a shot at a championship with 10 races to go is a story. I think it will add to our sport."

Although some are against the proposals, Waltrip believes that once people understand what the changes would mean, they'd be all for them taking place.

"All the negative talk about it means that people are afraid of change. It's scary at times. The more people understand what the proposed change might do, the more they'll like it," he said.

"If I'm the networks, I love it. If I'm a race fan, I love it."

A seeding system that would break the season in two, where the top ten after 26 races would then battle for the title over the final ten events, would add spice to the championship according to Waltrip. It would also avoid a repeat of the 2003 title race when Matt Kenseth took the title after being top of the standings for the majority of the season.

"I thought it would be a good idea if that at the end of 26 races they seeded the teams by giving the guy who is first 100 points - and then on down 90, 80, 70, etc. to zero points for 10th places. And then pay the first place guy something for that accomplishment, but not pay anybody else," he said.

"Then we just go back to racing 10 times and see who can win the championship. You're not going to win the championship if you're not in the top five or six with 10 races to go. We know that. So we're just at least doubling the amount of guys - maybe more - that have a chance to win the championship late in the season. I think that would be good for our sport."



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