Roush Racing's Greg Biffle has offered his support for the recent point structure change in both NASCAR's Nextel Cup and Busch Series championships, but has expressed reservations over the impact that the alterations may have.

NASCAR announced yesterday [Tuesday] that it would be pressing ahead with its plans for a 'post-season' element in the Nextel Cup, where the top ten drivers - and any others within 400 points of the overall leader - would go forward to contest the title over the final ten races. With points all but re-set - a nominal allowance will be afforded to each contender according to where they finished the 'regular' season - the 'chase for the championship' is expected to generate excitement to the final round of the season but, according to Biffle, may have far-reaching consequences for those not involved.

"It's going to different, that's about all I can say," he admitted, "It's going to change our sport tremendously. It's going to change sponsor packages, driver contracts, it's going to impact the sport a lot further. I'm sure they've thought out everything prior to making the decision, but it certainly is going to make an impact.

"I think they needed to modify that a little bit, and maybe they did need to put some emphasis on the last ten races of the season. I like the idea of bonus points for the top-ten guys. Give them one-and-a-half times the points if you're in the top ten and finish in the top ten. Or maybe give it to the whole group so that it makes a difference and has a bigger impact of where you finish. It's going to work itself out. It's going to be interesting, certainly."

Biffle reckoned that the alteration would not affect the way he and his rivals drove week in, week out, but admitted that it may have an effect when it came to the final stages of the year.

"We try to win every week, so that's what we'll be doing again," he explained, "That's what everybody does, no matter if you're in a tight points race or not, you can't crash out of the race. You're not going to do stupid stuff. You try to use the same mindset every week, and that's get yourself in the top ten, be consistent, stay on the lead lap, get in the top five and you're there for the wins.

"People thought that, if you're not in the top ten, you're going to be more careless, you're not going to care. That's true and not true. I'm out there racing around Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt Jr, and they're in a tight points race for the championship. I'm conscious of that with ten races to go, whether the points are like they are now or the way they were last year. Certainly, I don't want to be a factor in deciding that - nobody wants to be a factor in deciding that - so it could go either way I guess. I'm not going to drive any different."

Pulling double duty in 2004, the Roush Ford driver will also be affected by the system changes in the Busch Series which, while not including the 'play-off' element, will offer greater reward for winning races.

"I think it's going to make an effect in the Busch Series, even if I don't think it will affect the points in the Cup Series because they're starting over with ten races to go," Biffle reasoned, "It will have an impact on the Busch Series because the points carry over until the end of the season, which determines the champion. That's going to make a difference. He can keep those points and try to use them to win a championship."



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