by Reid Spencer

Most Chase drivers - including the one who's poised to win his third straight championship - think it's time to stop the talk of changing the Chase for the Sprint Cup scoring structure simply because Jimmie Johnson might run away with the title this year.

"It's interesting to hear the comments, and it makes me laugh that our sport can be susceptible to that whole reality TV buzz that's coming along - and if you don't like it, let's have a fan vote and let's change it," Johnson said. "And it seems like it's kind of going that way.

"If nobody likes it, let's just have Sprint run an ad on TV and they can text who they want to qualify on the pole and who they want to win the race and all these crazy things. I mean it's really crazy.

"Racing is about earning your points and earning wins. We made an adjustment to the points system a few years back to make it more competitive. What else are we going to change?"

With Johnson leading second-place Carl Edwards by 183 points with three races left, Jeff Burton suggested caution when talking about rule changes to rectify what could amount to NASCAR's version of a blowout.

"I think there's always ways to look at our sport to make improvements," Burton said. "I just think we have to be careful. Every time we have a point championship that's not as compelling as one of the greatest, I think we have to caution against making changes. This World Series was just won in five games - it was so boring I couldn't watch it.

"Not every championship is going to be a five-point swing or a five-point difference. It's just not. And by the way this one is not over.

"I mean, I understand it looks like it's an undoable thing for everybody. I mean, how long have ya'll been hanging around this thing? Anything can happen. So let's don't write it off just yet."



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