In the spirit of the ban on testing NASCAR announced Friday, team owner Jack Roush suggested going a step further, if other owners would consent to a gentlemen's agreement not to test at all.

NASCAR's ban applies to tracks that host events in any of the following series: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Camping World Truck and Camping World East and West. That leaves open the possibility of testing at tracks that are outside that spectrum, such as Rockingham Speedway or Pikes Peak.

"I don't have any intention to try to get around their test rules," Roush said. "If we could organise a situation where all the established teams would hold hands and resolve not to test outside of the NASCAR mandated or approved testing - not go to the skid pads, not go to Canada, not to go to Pikes Peak or any of the places they're checking on - I'd be happier with that than to skirt around.

"If everybody else does it, we may have to do it, too, but that's certainly not in the spirit of trying to save the teams money and trying to operate in these severe economic circumstances."

Asked whether he would be party to such an agreement, Joe Gibbs Racing president J.D. Gibbs quipped, "Well, first you have to assume that we're all gentlemen.

"I think, for us, that is good wisdom, and when it comes to technical things, how the sport works, Jack is probably second to none... That's probably good wisdom on that.

"I do think the difficulty for us next year is - look, we've got a guy (Joey Logano) who's never been to these tracks. I agree with the testing, but how do you make it so a young guy at least gets his feet wet and tries some things? Do you do a little bit extra, give him a half hour at the racetrack? What can he do?"
by Reid Spencer/Sporting News



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