Carl Edwards has shown his support for the often maligned Car of Tomorrow, admitting that its introduction has 'raised the level' in the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

The 2008 campaign marked the first full year of competition for the CoT, with the new machine meant to be provide more passing opportunities and bring down costs as it would rid teams of the need to have different cars for different circuits on the calendar.

However, the car has had its fair share of detractors since its introduction but while Edwards admitted it wasn't the greatest machine ever, he was quick to point out that it had improved the spectacle in NASCAR.

"The Car of Tomorrow is great," he told in a recent interview. "It's like a tank, its big and heavy, its ill handling and it's a terrible machine - but they are all the same and it makes for amazing competition.

"That is what NASCAR is based on. It isn't technologically advanced and complex, its all about the competition and the Car of Tomorrow raises the level."

Edwards enjoyed a stellar 2008 campaign, finishing second in both the Sprint Cup and the Nationwide Series, but he said he was confident of going one better in 2009 as he seeks to dethrone Jimmie Johnson from the top of the pile.

"Yes we can, I can guarantee it," he replied when asked if he could win the Sprint Cup crown. "My campaign in NASCAR this year was almost perfect. We were close and one more spot would have been great. I'm really looking forward to 2009."



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