Intermittent rain at the Aragon MotoGP on Friday, but better weather forecast for the remainder of the weekends, means Saturday's FP3 is likely to see a scramble to set a top ten lap time.

"I waited until the last exit and it was dry most of the track, just a couple of braking zones where halfway through it would get wet," said Marc VDS Honda's Jack Miller. "So that made it a little hairy because the tyres were completely fried, then you go onto the water and they would just not work at all. So it was getting a little loose.

"I was just trying to put together a clean lap. I didn't quite manage it, but it wasn't too bad. I'm sitting twelfth. I would have liked to have been inside the top ten but it is what it is.

"The weather forecast says it should be good for tomorrow. So I think tomorrow's going to be a special one, especially FP3 - it's going to be like a qualifying session. Everyone will be throwing tyres at it, but I think we've got plenty to spare after today!"

Prior to arriving at Aragon, the Australian had gone to last weekend's Bol d'Or 24-hour endurance race, to support countrymen Josh Hook and Broc Parkes.

"I went down with Hooky and Parkesy. It was good just have a gander and see what it's all about," Miller said. "It was snowing in Andorra on the weekend so I thought, 'why not stay in the South of France and do some bicycling down there'. I enjoyed it a lot.

"It's a heavy duty, cruel, cruel sport for sure. Hooky was leading the race up to 20 hours and then his team-mate accidentally threw it down on an out-lap. Just a typical Bridgestone sort of a crash. It's a cruel sport, but it was a good sport to see."

Having done Suzuka, would you like to try it?

"Not at this point in my career. I saw the face on Hooky when he had to go out at 1am in the morning and the ground temperature was about 3 degrees!" smiled Miller.

"I stayed up until about 3am and that was me done. I felt knackered the next day even after sleeping until 8 o'clock! I have to take my hat off to them. It's a hard race. The Bol d'Or is not even the worst of them because of the long straight to relax."


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