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Welcome to the first column of 2009 for the Formula 1000 Rally Club, it's great that we have been able to work together with Crash.net to bring you all the latest news from the club.

As you have all probably seen over the last six months or so, we have been given the green light by the Motorsports Association (MSA) to allow junior drivers from the ages of 14-16 to compete on Single Venue rallies across the UK.

This blog will follow the progress of all the Juniors during 2009 and will feature news from the club itself as well as a first person perspective of each championship event from a Junior driver. Each round, a different competitor will bring you their insight into an event, be it current or future events, as well as updating you on their own progress and their journey to the first round, the Roskirk Stages on March 8th.

Before we bring you a preview of the first round, it would be wise to bring you all up to speed on the progress the Junior drivers have made to get this far and what their championship will entail in 2009.

To begin with, back in late May/early June 2008, the MSA agreed to our proposals to let drivers aged 14-16 compete on Single Venue events across the UK. As the news began to spread over the internet and in various printed publications, the club began to receive a number of interested competitors. By the next training day, held at the Shropshire base of Rallyschool.co.uk, who have given their support since the very first Junior training, we had more than ten junior drivers, all committing to the championship for 2009, the initial interest and commitments exceeding all of our expectations at the club as we hit double figures!

As progress was made behind the scenes over the summer months, everyone at the club was putting in huge amounts of effort to ensure the championship could go-ahead for 2009. Then, in September last year, we made the announcement, as a club, that the inaugural series was to have two significant backers, both of which volunteered their services.

The first being former National Champion Steve Perez who, through his Kick Energy brand, offered his support, as did experienced television broadcaster, David Winstanley, through his Acceleration TV company. The club wishes to continue to extend their thanks to David and Steve for their continued support.

Following on from this, we were able to confirm the title of the inaugural series, this being the Kick Energy Acceleration TV Formula 1000 Junior Championship. Quite long you might think, but also quite catchy and we hope that this will work for you all to remember!

Thanks to Acceleration TVs' support, the Juniors will be appearing in a number of dedicated television programmes throughout the year. These are likely to be found on Motors TV, Sky Channel 413. Be sure to catch them!

Now, as we move into the start of 2009, the Juniors are beginning to finish completing their necessary requirements to be able to start the Roskirk Stages. To be able to compete, Junior competitors must complete three Production Car Autotests (PCA's), a BARS test and a Formula 1000 Test. The date for the first test is February 16.

So there we have it, the progress so far on the 'road to Roskirk'. Of course, I'm sure you'll appreciate that that is just the tip of the iceberg as the organisational side is concerned, but this blog would be a hundred pages long if I mentioned everything!

Late in 2008, we were pleased to confirm the calendar for the inaugural championship which is as follows:

Round 1 Roskirk Stages 8th March 2009 Three Sisters Kart Circuit, Wigan
Round 2 Lee Holland 26th April 2009 Anglesey Race Circuit, Anglesey, N.Wales
Round 3 Longcross 10th May 2009 Longcross Test Track
Round 4 Caerwent 21st June 2009 Caerwent, S.Wales
Round 5 Keith Wood Memorial October 2009 (date TBC) Three Sisters Kart Circuit, Wigan
Round 6 Teeside Autodrome 6th December 2009 Teeside Autodrome

# Best 4 Scores to Count from 6 Rounds
# Please note that Rounds 3 and 4 are strictly no spectator venues.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the first round at Three Sisters, we will be bringing you a 'who's who' of the 2009 season and the first of the blogs from one of the Junior competitors.

On behalf of the club, I hope that this has been a useful insight into the progress that the Formula 1000 club has made into one of the most exciting developments in British Rallying for the last 20 years.

If you would like any further information, please feel free to join us on the forum at www.formula1000.co.uk/forum where any member will be more than pleased to help you in your quest to the stages!

To end, thank you all for visiting the first column and we would all like to wish you a safe and successful year rallying in 2009.

The Formula 1000 Rally Club.

Written on behalf of the club by Jonathan Jackson.



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