So it would seem the new fluorescent colour scheme did its job in Ulster last month - there was no way that recovery truck was going to drive past the field we were stuck in without spotting us! Apparently it was a hit with the spectators too.

If this was a different sport, I may have been able to claim that my team manager ordered me to spin off into a fence post, however rally folk don't dig that kind of scandal. Still, I'm slightly worried that I might be taking this 'Crash column' too literally?

Finishing the first day's rallying in a podium position was a great start, and left us in a close battle to the finish on Saturday. Unfortunately, a bad landing after a jump at over 100mph turned us both into passengers as we spun down the road resulting in broken suspension and an early lunch. The kick to the crotch was to follow when we discovered the guys we were fighting with had also gone off, leaving us wondering if we should have just driven round in first gear.

This weekend is the Trackrod Rally Yorkshire and, after five months of playing at being racing drivers, it's back onto the loose stuff. Appropriately, the BRC title showdown has gone down to the wire, leaving a winner takes all situation on this final point-scoring round, so there's probably going to be enough pressure floating about the service park on Saturday to inflate a whole truck of Pirelli tyres.

For this final championship decider, I will be swapping cars with my team-mate Mark Higgins, who is one of the two title challengers. Maybe it was the fact I'd never partaken in one of these types of parties before, but I was under the illusion that the keys in the pot in the middle of the room normally led to something other than a car to put them in? Either way, I've ended up with his dated mistress whilst he's getting a taste of something younger.

However, let's not forget that me and this old girl also have history! This Impreza N11 was the same car I drove in last year's Pirelli Star Driver final to win this prize, so I'm hoping she's still got the fight in her! After being re-united with the car at a test last week, I found it to be very drivable and well-balanced, and I am happy that we will be starting the event with Mark's proven set-up. He's warned me to take good care of her, and I was about to tell him the same goes for my N14, but that felt slightly hypocritical as it's not like I ever did!

An extra last-minute entry by Mitsubishi now means the teams' championship is also thrown wide open, and will be decided on the stages this weekend. Recent history has shown the Dalby forests to be a happy hunting ground for the Mitsubishi Evos, so we're expecting a big fight with them, but I am still determined to help bring the title home for Pirelli TEG Sport.

As for the rally itself, they don't come much faster. There are straights even the Romans would be jealous of, and success here ultimately boils down to a combination of power and bravery! Being a one-day event, there's no use 'phoning your dad to ask if you've left your Albert's at home - you need to remember them! With speedometers reading well into three figures, I just hope no Piquet-style orders get handed out.

The Trackrod Rally Yorkshire is based in Pickering, and starts on Saturday 26 September. You can keep up to date on my website