The Association of National Championship Rally Organisers (ANCRO) has announced that all registered competitors competing in the Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship this season will be eligible for four brand new Pirelli tyres, entirely free of charge.

The initiative, which has been launched in conjunction with Pirelli, is being done to try and tempt competitors to contest the eight round National series.

The only stipulation is that in order to qualify for the free tyres, a driver has to compete in at least four rounds of the championship using branded Pirelli tyres as stipulated in the regulations.

"We wanted to support ANCRO and their drive to help their competitors, as well as helping to build the strength of the championship and at the same time giving the competitors something to smile about in what are tough times," said Martin Pallot, Pirelli's motorsports and events manager.

"Therefore, anyone who is planning on doing the championship gets a set of tyres free on us, providing they contest four rounds."

"ANCRO has always operated in the competitor's best interests and by doing this; we are hoping that competitors will choose our series over perhaps one or two others," continued championship co-ordinator, Lyn Jenkins.

"We have some wonderful events lined up and if this initiative is a success, we'll look at seeing how we can expand such offers in future."

In another development meanwhile, following consultation with competitors, in addition to the original list of tyres and compounds, Pirelli will make available different types - including a 14" version (165/70-14 T6) as well as the K4 version for 15" rims to complement the K6 which was originally specified.

"As was agreed some weeks ago after discussion with teams and the Championship, we are happy to include the K4 harder compound tyres for all four wheel drive cars and would be happy to answer any questions that competitors may have as Pirelli is totally committed to the 2009 Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship and will do all we can to help," summed-up Pallot.



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