Preston College Motor Vehicle students face a new challenge this month as they have been racing to prepare a rally car for the Grizedale Stages Rally this weekend.

The second year students, led by course tutor Dave Bland, have been tasked with preparing the Subaru Impreza for Garstang driver Simon Moss, who will contest the Lake District forest event on Saturday December 5.

"We have known each other for nearly ten years and I know there is always work to do on the car between each event," Bland explained. "It seemed a great opportunity to save Simon some time whilst giving my group experience on something a bit different.

"The second years have removed the gearbox so it can be checked over and are doing the same with the specialist rally suspension which is usually rebuilt after each event.

"Simon used to teach before working for the British Rally Championship as the media officer, so he understands the need to keep students motivated."

"This is a great opportunity for the students to focus their attention on a project and hopefully everyone will benefit," Moss added.

"I'm extremely grateful for the assistance and I hope the students will enjoy the experience of working on a rally car, to a tight deadline."



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