David Higgins has sustained minor injuries while training ahead of the Shaowu Rally, the final round in the 2009 Chinese Rally Championship.

While he was out running a lorry pulled out, and a motorbike which swerved to avoid the lorry managed to knock the former British Rally Champion to the ground.

However, Higgins is still in good spirits, having escaped with only a sprained left ankle and a very painful right shoulder - but this is not the way he wanted to start his rallying week.

Indeed it is a crucial weekend as Higgins is in a five-way title fight for team honours. The WY Rally Team, which David drives for, currently lead the points table, but the rival KST team are only one point behind. The Honghe, FCACA and Subaru China teams are all also still in with a shot at the title.

"We could have wrapped up the title on the last event," said Higgins prior to his training accident. "But the protest which was put in against us stood, so we lost our points. So we're heading back to China with a vengeance.

"I don't feel we have a point to prove, because we have won out there more than anyone else, but we are determined to take the title for the team because it should have been ours last time out."

This is the second time the gravel event has run, last year it was a round of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge but Higgins and co-driver Ieuan Thomas were forced to miss it so they could attend Rally GB.

"Our stand-in Jarkko Miettinen won it last year," Higgins continued. "But Juha Salo from KST will most likely be our biggest rival out there. He is as determined as us to pick up the team title and had led the event last year before he crashed out.

"But as usual, with it being the final round of the season, everyone will be pushing very hard to ensure they impress all the teams to get a good seat for the 2010 season.

"Weather wise this one will be a shock to the system though. On some of the events this year we've had drivers retiring from heat stroke, but we're told it will be around 15 degrees centigrade in Shaowu and last year they had ice on some of the early morning stages, so who knows what lies ahead."

The Shaowu Rally takes place in South Eastern China from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th December 2009, and Higgins is hoping to do some testing of both the Mitsubishi Evo 9 he will use this weekend, and an Mitsubishi Evo X ahead of the event.



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