It was always going to be a close shave, Gwyndaf and Kris Meeke battling for the Pirelli British Championship, but little did we know when they set off for the Yorkshire event.

The classic North Yorkshire stages set the scene for an epic battle, Kris Meeke leading the Super 1600 championship and within reach of his first major award, but MG/CMCL works driver, Gwyndaf Evans, set to take the fight to the limit.

Team orders were clear, go for the win, but the orders were coming from both camps as the cars set off on Saturday morning. Blue sky and perfect conditions greeted competitors on the first stage in Pickering showground before they headed off to the world-famous Dalby forests of the North Yorkshire Park.

Gwyndaf was on the pace from the start of the first stage, being hindered by only one problem, his electric shaver had failed in the morning, and uncharacteristically he was sporting the early stages of a beard - did this have significance for the day?

Stages one and two fell to the Welshman in his MG Super 1600 as he built up an early lead, and by stage five a five second comfort zone was in his favour.

"The car feels great, and so far the stages are really enjoyable," said Gwyndaf.

Stage six started well, but a slight mishap in front of co-driver Claire Moles' husband, John, set them back four seconds, at junction 3, but the bit was really between their teeth now.

At the half-way stage Gwyndaf had pulled back the four seconds and was on target to be back in service with a ten second lead when a totally unexpected gearbox failure scuppered the day.

End of stage, end of event, no close shave after all, that is until Gwyndaf returned to his hotel and a new electric shaver!

A disappointing weekend for the MG/CMCL team, but a fantastic finish for Kris Meeke, assuring him of winning the Super 1600 category - well done for a great fight during the season.



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