Following last week's meeting of the Rally Championship Control Panel [RCCP], the Motor Sports Association is to invite tenders for the organisation of the MSA Asphalt and MSA Gravel Championships in 2005.

The contracts will be awarded initially for a period of one year.

After the 2005 season, the organisation of the MSA British Rally Championship, the MSA British Historic Rally Championship and the four national rally championships will also be up for review, enabling the whole of British rallying to be opened up to tender.

"This is all about creating a strong and integrated way forward for UK rallying," says Colin Hilton, chief executive of the Motor Sports Association. "The first stage in the process is to establish a workable structure for the greater benefit of all and the comprehensive report by Mike Broad has shown how this can be achieved.

"However, while there is consensus on where we are going, there is less unanimity on how to get there. It was evident at the RCCP that the current organisers do not wish to hand control of their championships to a third party."

"As a result, the MSA must take the initiative," continues Hilton. "The structure has been agreed and the tender process will enable the MSA to fill the requisite opportunities with the best possible championships for the good of the sport, as we have with the recent reforms of promoted circuit racing."

Tenders for the 2005 MSA Asphalt Championship and 2005 MSA Gravel Championship must be submitted to the MSA by the end of January 2004. The process will be led by Bruce Goddard, MSA development director, and Ian Davis, MSA regional, rallies and off-road manager.

Details of the tender process covering the seasons 2006 to 2008 will be announced in the course of the next year.

"Ultimately, we will arrive at a situation where the whole of British rallying can be promoted as a complete package," concludes Colin Hilton. "It will bring stability for teams and competitors, clarity for fans and the media and tangible, deliverable commercial opportunities for sponsors. I am confident that this approach will succeed in delivering a secure, thriving future for the sport of rallying in the United Kingdom."



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