Turbo Dynamics has announced that it will sponsor the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Rally Team [HFRRT] this year.

At the start of February things didn't look promising for the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Rally Team when their sponsor had to pull out and withdraw all funding.

However with Turbo Dynamics now joining the fold the HFRRT have confirmed that they will still be competing, for the third year running, at Rallye Sunseeker - the opening round of the Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship, which runs from February 22-23.

"The Hants Fire and Rescue Rally Team are a group of dedicated professionals who are continually working to promote safety on our roads. They are not funded by public money and instead rely on sponsorship and self-funding," Turbo Dynamics media co-ordinator, Natasha Miller explained.

"We were delighted to be approached for sponsorship this year and to be able to help the team continue visiting schools, attending events and competing in races across the country, in order to increase road safety awareness."

Retained Firefighter, Mark Daniels who put HFRRT together in 2006 will be putting his skills and experience to the test as team driver at the rally.

Daniels will also be aided this year by newly appointed navigator, Hollie Sarah Roberton, daughter of 1988 British National Rally champion, Ian Roberton.

"Hants Fire Rally Team are very happy to have Turbo Dynamics on board this year as a sponsor," said Daniels.

"We are really looking forward to Rallye Sunseeker 2008, we have a strong seeding position this year and it's a really exciting prospect for Hants Fire Rally Team, to enter Rallye Sunseeker 2008 with the backing of such a premier company within the motorsport industry."



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