Mitsubishi's Guy Wilks has been reinstated as the winner of the International Rally Yorkshire, the penultimate event in the 2008 Tesco 99 Octane MSA British Rally Championship, after the protest lodged by Atlas TEG Sport was thrown out.

A statement from Rod Parkin, Rally Yorkshire's clerk of the course, issued at the end of last week on Friday October 10, read:

"To all International competitors,

"The MSA has determined that the protest submitted against Car 1 (Guy Wilks/David Moynihan) was not valid in that Atlas TEG Sport were not in possession of a valid Entrants Licence and therefore were not in a position to lodge a protest.

"Accordingly I am directed to reissue the results as shown on the attached page re-instating Car 1 [see below].

"In Accordance with Art 174 (d) of the FIA International Sporting Code, and MSA Regulation A 61 (c), these results shall remain provisional for a further 7 days from today's date."

A brief note on the events official website added: "Guy Wilks and David Moynihan have been reinstated to the results after the appeal of Atlas TEG Sport failed."

The revised result is as follows:

Overall times after SS10:

1. Guy WilksMitsubishi Evo 91hour 22mins 58.1secs
2. Mark HigginsSubaru Impreza N11+1min 30.2secs
3. Keith CroninMitsubishi Evo 9+2min 09.0secs#
4. Dave Weston JrSubaru Impreza+4mins 29.2secs#
5. David HigginsSubaru Impreza N14+4mins 34.4secs
6. Gwyndaf EvansMitsubishi Evo 9+4mins 58.8secs
7. James WozencroftSubaru Impreza+5mins 04.3secs
8. Jonathan GreerMitsubishi Evo 9+6mins 03.6secs
9. Rob SwannSubaru Impreza N14+6mins 06.9secs
10. Brian O'MahonyRenault Clio S16+6mins 54.7secs R3
11. Adam GouldRenault Clio+7mins 43.0secs R2
12. Hugh EvansSubaru Impreza N14+9mins 43.0secs
13. Darren GassMitsubishi Evo 9+10mins 14.5secs
14. Luke PinderFord Puma+11mins 17.6secs R2
15. Jason PritchardCitroen C2-R2+11mins 30.4secs R2
16. Matt CottonCitroen C2+12mins 39.4secs R2
17. Tom WalsterFord Fiesta ST+13mins 24.1secs R2#
18. Andrew HockridgeCitroen C2 R2+13mins 50.9secs R2
19. Barry GreerFord Fiesta ST+14mins 41.2secs R2#
20. Martin LavertyCitroen C2 R2+15mins 18.0secs R2
21. Mark GambleSuzuki Swift+16mins 40.2secs R1
22. Ross FordeSuzuki Swift+17mins 33.5secs R1
23. Nick RowlandSuzuki Swift+17mins 40.6secs R1
24. Gordon NicholSuzuki Swift+17mins 44.8secs R1
25. Fin McCaulBMW 120D+19mins 24.4secs R3
26. Christopher LeighFord Fiesta ST+20mins 15.5secs R2#
27. Henry CatchpoleSuzuki Swift+22mins 23.9secs R1
28. Niki BjergSuzuki Swift+23mins 25.2secs R1
29. Molly TaylorSuzuki Swift+24mins 20.8secs R1#
30. Richard BootSuzuki Swift+26mins 55.4secs R1


SS1. Daniel BarryMitsubishi Evo 9Off road
SS4. Dale RobertsonMitsubishi Evo 6Mechanical
SS6. Melis CharalambousSubaru ImprezaMechanical
SS9. Steve GrahamVauxhall AstraMechanical R2
SS10. Martin RobertsCitroen C2 R2Stopped in stage R3

# not registered for BRC.

all R4 class unless stated



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