Matt Beebe has revealed that while he is trying to put something together to take in the Wales Rally GB in December, time is running out for him to do the event.

Beebe has had a quiet year and his short-term ambitions took a huge blow in June, as he rolled his car during the Merevale stage of the Rally of the Midlands - seriously damaging it in the process.

At the time Beebe's team had been trying to sell the MGZR160 in a bid to raise much needed funds for future projects, so the accident was of double significance.

The car was in a bad way, and looked as though it might not rally again. However, the damage was not quite as severe as first thought, and much of the mechanics and interior were rescued although the bodywork could not be.

"We have to rebuild the car into a new shell," he explained. "We had hoped to save the old one, but it was too damaged.

"We're trying to get it done for as little as we can. There's no definite timescale for it, although we hope to have it done by Christmas."

To further reduce costs, the mechanic-cum-rally driver hopes to complete most of the work himself: "It would be easier if the professionals did it, but that would cost a lot more. I can do a professional job myself, although it'll just take a bit longer for me to do," he added.

As for the future, the columnist concedes that he might take a step back in 2009.

"We spent a lot of money to run in the BRC during the last two years, as we tried to get some publicity and exposure, although nothing came of it. It comes to the point where you've got to decide - do we keep going and keep throwing money at it, or take a step back from it a bit," he continued.

"We are trying to put something together for Wales Rally GB this year, but we're running out of time. The main thing for us is that we can keep rallying. I've got the bug now. We've really enjoyed the last few years, and we just want to keep competing."

Outside of rallying meanwhile, Beebe's workplace has recently become involved with Italian company Abarth in an attempt to raise their profile. They run a few cars in the IRC, and that might provide an opening for the hopeful.

"They seem keen to support the UK. If we can put a sponsorship deal together they might do something. You never know something might come of it, and there might be a future with them," the 26-year-old speculated.