Mark Higgins has said that it was 'brilliant' to be involved with the new James Bond film - 'Quantum of Solace' - and that he would love to do something similar in the future.

Higgins, who is competing in the Tesco 99 Octane MSA British Rally Championship this season and who is currently right in the thick of the fight to take the 2008 drivers' title, took some time out from his more usual pursuits a few months back in order to do some stunt work on the latest 007 feature, the second with Daniel Craig in the lead role.

"It was brilliant. Of all the things to be involved with James Bond is obviously top of the list," Mark told Radio this week ahead of its release. "We really enjoyed it.

"I learned a great deal being out there with the crew. It was a great experience and something I would like to do more of.

"We were out in Italy for nearly two months in total doing the filming work and I am not sure what they cut and what they used. But I have heard it is meant to be really good. We are in the opening scene, which is the car chase at the start.

"By all accounts I think it is a great film. I am really looking forward to seeing it now and I will be quite boring to watch it with as I will keep pointing out: 'That's me! That's me!'"

Asked about his role in more detail and if there were lots of stunt drivers' involved, Mark added that there wasn't a 'massive amount', although there were plenty of people there.

"The crew was massive as you can imagine," he continued. "The location was great and the whole thing was just really interesting to see how it is done. I can't wait to see how it has all been put together."

So does he have anything like that lined-up for the future?

"Not at the moment. There are some opportunities and something came up recently, but I couldn't make it. Once you commit to it, it is a lot of time that you have to have away. It is however, something I would definitely like to do again," he concluded.




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