Triple British Rally champion Mark Higgins has said that the result of the International Rally Yorkshire might not be confirmed until after December's season finale, the Wales Rally GB.

The Trackrod, which took place at the end of September, was won convincingly on the stages by Mitsubishi's Guy Wilks. However post-event he was excluded after the steering column in his Lancer was protested by Atlas TEG Sport.

This provisionally handed the win to Mark, until October 10, when it was thrown out, when Rod Parkin, Rally Yorkshire's clerk of the course, reported that Atlas TEG Sport were 'not in possession of a valid Entrants Licence' and 'therefore were not in a position to lodge a protest'.

Since then another protest has gone in and accordingly the results for Rally Yorkshire remain provisional until the outcome of the new stewards' hearing is known, and any possible subsequent appeals have been heard.

"It is still up in the air and we might not even know going into Rally GB [what the result is]," Higgins told Radio recently.

"From a personal point of view, whoever really wins GB is going to be the fair winner of it - regardless of what happens with the stewards meetings that are going on at the moment.

"We have just got to do our best and if I get a win it means everything is immaterial of what has gone on with the Trackrod anyway. That is my goal, just to do the best on that rally."

So has this and the other off-stage shenanigans in 2008 hurt the BRC?

"I don't think it is ever good. But rules are rules. We had to abide by them with regard to what happened in Ulster and we lost points in the teams' cup [with what happened with Phillip Morrow]. It has got quite bitter unfortunately," Mark added.

"But hopefully it can all be put behind us and we can just get down to driving and doing the job on Rally GB."

Looking to GB meanwhile, Higgins admitted that it is going to be tough to know precisely how to play it, especially as it is such a long event.

"I am happy with the car, but Rally GB is very tough. We have obviously got two points' scoring opportunities on it with Friday and then Saturday and Sunday added together," Mark explained.

"Friday is going to be a big day and there is very little service time during the leg. We are back into mid-Wales again too and I really do enjoy those stages. They should suit the car well.

"But it could be a total lottery with the weather. We could have ice, snow - anything at this time of year, especially now we are moving further north from where it has been for the last seven or eight years.

"It is going to be really interesting and very difficult. It will be important to get in a good run on that first day. Also while it would be great to go and try and race the P-WRC boys we don't have to. We have to be very serious and think about the BRC," he summed-up.




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