My name is Oliver Dupuy, I'm 28 years old and I live in a small village not far from Cambridge. Except for my regular posts on the comments section of this site, I expect that most readers will not have heard of me.

There's no particular reason why you would have done, my limited racing career has mainly involved club events such as Bemsee and Thundersport, with a bit of road racing last season - all with limited success!

So what is this article about? Well, for some crazy reason I'm going to try to risk life and limb to compete with the best in the world at next year's Isle of Man TT. It's scary to even read!

But the good people at are allowing me to document my progress from now until TT fortnight. Hopefully I'll give you fellow readers something else on the site to enjoy in the office when you should be working.

Of course, when I say 'compete with the best in world', what I actually mean is stay out of their way and wobble around at the back, but I'm fine with that. The dream is just to get there and earn a finisher's medal, which alone will be the biggest challenge of my life by a long way.

It may fall spectacularly and publicly flat on its face... there is a possibility that I won't be granted an entry. In addition to that, I have the task of getting a bike and crew prepared and shipped to the island in time and on a very limited budget.

And once I get past those hurdles, I still have the unenviable task of lapping close enough to the best in the world to qualify, without putting myself through a hedge at high speed!

Why am I doing this again?

The TT really is unique. What other form of motorsport can a normal person take a common road bike from an internet auction, rebuild it in their back garden shed, and take on the best in the world?

The challenge of the Mountain Course is literally like no other. In fact the whole event is like no other. So it has to be tried.

And if all of the above challenges can be overcome then there is a chance that maybe, just maybe, by the second week of June 2013 I'll have an Isle of Man TT finishers medal to reflect on.

Plus of course, I can't wait to do the Newcomers bus with Josh Brookes. I just hope he isn't driving it!

So please keep an eye out for further updates in the New Year and I'll let you all know how it's progressing.

Roll on 2013...




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