Guy Martin says he will continue to go back to the Isle of Man TT year-after-year to feel the buzz he insists he is yet to experience doing anything else.

Less than a year on from a serious accident that landed Martin in hospital, the 29-year-old is among the riders documented in the new TT3D: Closer to the Edge film, an exhilarating look at the legendary road race through the eyes of those that partake each year.

Charting the build-up to the TT and the event itself, the film is brought alive by the use of 3D technology to give audiences a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of racing around the island.

With the cameras capturing the aftermath of Martin's accident, he maintains he has no qualms about returning to the TT in 2011 - where he will race with Relentless by TAS Suzuki - as it gives him the buzz he cannot find elsewhere.

"The buzz," he told when asked what keeps drawing him back. "That is all it is. You cannot describe until you experience it. There isn't much left where you can go and stick your neck on the line and the TT is one of them."

As well as the spectacle, TT3D: Closer to the Edge also deals with the personal tragedies of the event, which has claimed the lives of 231 participants over the last century. The film includes an interview with Bridget Dobbs, wife of the late Paul Dobbs, who says she understands and accepts the reasons why he was competing in an event that would ultimately claim his life.

With some in the wider motorcycling community calling for the Isle of Man TT to be stopped as a result, Martin insists the event should continue, adding that everyone knows the risks and that no-one is forced to take part.

"No-one is making anybody do anything and there is a massive attraction if people want to go and watch it, or make films about it," he added. "So, as long as people are wanting to go there and put it on television, then we should keep on with it."

Speaking about the film itself, which is out now, Martin says both motorcycle enthusiasts and the mainstream audience will find something to enjoy.

"It's aimed at the mainstream and not just motorbike fans," said Martin, who recently starred in his own BBC television show 'The Boat That Guy Built'. "It gets across how hardcore it is - the whole death and destruction thing... It gets across to the masses about what the TT is about and I think they have done a great job of it.

"It might not be such an attraction to motorbike fans because it is about what makes someone want to do an event like that, not just about the races and who finishes where. It is about what makes someone want to go and do such a thing like the TT."

TT3D Closer to the Edge is available to view at cinemas across the country from today [April 22nd].



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