Alastair Seeley has signalled his pleasure at setting the pace during practice for this weekend's North West 200 race.

The Northern Irishman was the dominant force during the day for Relentless by TAS Suzuki, Seeley topping both the Superbike and Superstock timesheets, while he was second fastest behind Cameron Donald in the Supersport category.

Even so, Seeley, racing in the British Supersport Championship this year, insists there is still plenty more to come from his Suzuki and the Pirelli tyres.

"I kept my powder dry as I was towing Cameron [Donald] round in the Supersport session, but I'm happy to be at the top of the timesheets at this stage in the Superbike and Superstock classes," the 2010 winner said.

"Everything is working really well and the bikes are very stable which is so important round here. Thursday is a longer session and we've a few more things to try with the bike and also with Pirelli, but so far I'm very happy."

Team-mate Guy Martin was sixth in the Superbike session, sixth in Supersport and ninth in Superstock.

"The Superbike is mega, we're right there with that one and the Supersport bike is yeah... that's spot on too. Little problem last night but nothing to worry about.

"On the Superstock bike we've a little bit of work to do and struggled a little last night with gearing but all day practice tomorrow and we should be good. I'm looking forward to a good run in the dry and we'll be right there hopefully for Saturday."



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