John McGuinness says he will refocus ahead of next Friday's blue riband PokerStars Senior TT after finishing well beaten in third place in the RST Superbike race.

McGuinness had no answer to race winner Michael Dunlop and runner-up Ian Hutchinson on their Hawk Racing and Tyco BMW machines as he saw his outright lap record blasted by Ulsterman Dunlop, who clocked in excess of 133mph from a standing start.

"I dropped the clutch at the start and I thought I had a great run to Glen Helen, but when I saw my first pit board I was miles away," said Honda Racing's McGuinness.

"I just kept hitting my apexes and trying my best and then Hutchy blitzed me up towards Hailwood's Rise on the second lap. I was like, 'oh dear, I'm miles behind here', but it picked my pace up to be honest.

"I had a really great pit stop and came out in front of Hutchy, but I waved him past as I didn't want to get involved in his race," he added.

"I had a lot of fun during the race, the Fireblade was brilliant and I thought I rode pretty well, it's my 20th TT, I can't complain, I'm on the podium."

McGuinness lost his outright lap record but said he was 'proud' of his performance on the Honda Fireblade.

"My lap record is gone but hey it was always going to go; I've had it for ten years so I'm not disappointed," he said.

"I'm really proud of what I've done on the Honda today and we are on the podium with two younger guys.

"On Friday I need to brake later and lean it over a bit further, that's about all I could do," he added.

"I will just do my best: it's a long race, six laps, anything can happen; it's tough and if these guys are going to be doing that from a standing start, it's going to be really, really tough."

McGuinness won last year's Senior TT for his 23rd victory when many had written off his chances and the 44-year-old is sure to come out fighting in the showpiece race.



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