Tyco BMW's Ian Hutchinson said he knew the size of the challenge he was up against as he attempted to take the fight to Michael Dunlop in Saturday's RST Superbike TT.

Hutchinson and Dunlop lit up practice week on the Isle of Man with a series of fast laps but it was Dunlop who found another gear in a record-breaking race as he smashed the absolute lap record from a standing start with the first 133mph lap in history before raising the record to a fearsome 133.393mph on his second lap.

The Ulster rider effectively won the race on those opening two laps and Hutchy, who lapped at 132.892mph from a standing start as he also dipped under John McGuinness's previous lap record, said: "This is my first competitive race on the Tyco BMW here at the TT and I knew it was going to be a tough one to beat Michael.

"I'm obviously pleased with the three 132mph laps but there are a couple of things we need to improve on for Friday's Senior TT, where I will be giving it my all for the win."

Hutchinson's final lap was 132.767mph on the S1000RR as he sealed the runner-up spot ahead of Honda's John McGuinness.

Team Manager Philip Neill said: "The lap times here now from a standing start are just hard to take in. On another day Ian would have done more than enough to take the win, but sometimes it doesn't work out like that.

"What he has proved is the consistency of both himself and the TAS Racing prepared Tyco BMW package.

"We will reload for Monday's Superstock TT race, where Hutchy will ride the bike that not only has taken him to second place in the British Superstock class so far this season, but also helped him set an unofficial outright lap record during practice week," he added.

"Practice is practice and racing is racing, so we expect a tough battle, but we wouldn't have it any other way at Tyco BMW."



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