Peter Hickman is confident of his rostrum chances at the MCE Ulster Grand Prix, where the British Superbike rider claimed his maiden international success on the roads last year.

The 29-year-old won the second Superbike race from Conor Cummins and Michael Dunlop at Dundrod last August and Hickman feels his GBmoto Kawasaki machinery is more than capable of giving him the opportunity to repeat the feat at the fastest road race in the world, which takes place from August 10-13.

"I've done a lot more riding than most of the guys thanks to the MCE British Superbikes which has been going really well. My first road race over at the North West was really good, and I'm looking forward now to getting back on the bike at the Ulster Grand Prix where I had my first international road race win," said Hickman.

"It might give me a bit of an advantage to keep riding and keep bike fit, but the two disciplines are very different so I do have some difficulty trying to transfer between the two. Maybe from the outside it doesn't look like I have any but it is actually quite difficult.

"The Kawasakis have a proven pedigree against riders like Hutchy and Michael Dunlop and I'm really confident that they will suit the roads at Dundrod. The bikes handle really well and I'm getting some great power out of them so I'm fairly confident that the package I've got underneath me will put us on the podium for definite," he added.

"This will only be my third year at the Ulster so I'll still take my time even though I've actually won there already. It's a really unique place; it's the fastest road race in the world and I actually did over 133mph last year on the Superstock bike, which was pretty special.

"The roads around the Dundrod circuit just flow so, so well, making the riding so enjoyable and thrilling - I can't wait to get back."



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