In a break from the serious business of trying to win the Premier League title, Edinburgh will next week test themselves with a British League Cup quarter final tie against the Wolverhampton Wolves, 2002 Elite League champions. The ties will be staged at Wolverhampton's Monmore Green on Monday 22nd September, and at Armadale Stadium on Friday 26th September.

Wolves will operate to a 36-point Elite total average, and will track an intriguing selection of riders which could include Mikael Max, Peter Karlsson, David Howe, Sam Ermolenko and Adam Skornicki.

Under the controversial rules of this competition they could also include 'doubling up' riders such as James Grieves, Chris Neath and Oliver Allen on averages much lower than their Premier League figures.

Wolves will probably start favourites in the circumstances but Scottish fans will be thrilled to see the Wolves stars come north in a competitive match.

Before that, the Monarchs face another vital match at Armadale this Friday as local rivals the Glasgow Tigers provide the opposition. Monarchs believe they only need to win their home fixtures to take the Premier League title for the first time, but that is a fair way off yet and the first priority is to win on Friday.

The Glasgow riders would love to gain revenge for the defeat they suffered at home by Monarchs at the end of last month and Edinburgh will certainly be treating them with respect.



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